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Client Testimonials

Helen Grant Boutique


If IAMIT can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.

Neal has been it and has changed our life!

Thank you for re-organising all of our accounts we are saving $$$$

He also organised all of our landlines and mobiles, clearly explained the setup and showed us some great techniques for further savings.

Thank you for also coming to our rescue to resolve our Apple TV, Computer, Emails and social media settings. 

We are running so smoothly thank you.

You are a total professional and great to work with – 

and offer great prices.

Helen Grant

Werner Chluba
Helen Grant Boutique 

Eli Ajzenman

 I have known Neal for almost 30 years and have dealt with him both on a personal and professional basis. His knowledge and understanding of the communications industry is superior to most in this field especially when it comes to business I.T. and integration. I would highly recommend Neal for any of your communication and computer needs. The jobs not done till the customer is happy and he will go the extra mile every time. 

Eli Ajzenman

SureGro TreeMax Australia

 Neal's ability to assess your current and future requirements is first class.
Neals work ethic,attention to detail,final project delivery,punctuality and trustworthness, is outstanding.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Neal for Telephone Installations and account assessments. 


Locksmith & Security Specialist

 A brilliant tactician, Neal is one of the few leading examples of the all round accomplished and seasoned professional. His ability to train team members to follow his examples is proved by the unparalleled success of the teams he has built and trained. Neal's innate ability to see the customers point of view through the customers eyes, enables him to sell the customer what the customer buys. A true friend and long time colleague, I count Neal amongst my closest and dearest friends. 

Danny Gurvis