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Business Communications Designer

Comprehensive account management & tailored solutions


Your new voice system is a critical & long-term decision. Applications, flexibility and reliability are the keys, and all is not as it may seem where comparing the market. It is important to choose the right provider to design, install and support you.   iAM!T provides comprehensive account management with ongoing strategies for a complete Telecommunications overhaul.

I will assess your current and future requirements and provide you with ethical, attention to detail & final project delivery in a punctual and trustworthy manner.  Neal has been in the industry for almost 30 years as a long term Telstra Partner and also spent time with the other carriers. 

  1. Partnered with Reliance Communications we provide Nationwide solutions
  2. VoIP/Cloud based phone systems, On & Off premise solutions
  3. Mobile Phone, NBN, Fibre to premises, Wireless Data Plans - talk me about what is the best network for your business
  4. Business Telecommunications account review
  5. Range of IP Handsets, Professional headsets, Conference Units, Video Conference, Digital Signage

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" assuring that you make the right call for your business"
Neal Kraus - Business Communications Designer

Our Experience Counts


 I believe the greatest value I can add to any existing or new customer, is to support & insure your current and future telecommunications are correct.  Are you on the best or most suitable voice and or data plans regardless of your current carrier & do you have the most cost effective hardware in place? 

I am very passionate & love what I do and love helping my customers with honesty, integrity and a level of service customers deserve. 

I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, drive and track record in Telecommunications, Office Equipment & Business Management that spans over 35 years. 

QLD State Manager


Reliance Communications have been successfully delivering Phone System solutions since 1990 as a trusted partner to hundreds of satisfied clients across Australia, and the Asia Pacific region for almost 30 years.   

Our overall experience and fabulous team is what will give you peace of mind that you’ll receive a quality solution, tailored to your business, at a great price

The best solution for your business

is the best outcome for us